School-Based Planning Team: Northeast College High School

  • Our SBPT is responsible for improving school productivity and assisting with our multi-year School Comprehensive Education Plan. The planning team, chaired by our principal, assesses student performance and school effectiveness, sets improvement goals, and designs instruction and other services in the context of those goals. Our team is a deliberative, decision-making body that puts great focus on instruction, curriculum, and support for student learning. Our goal is to shape and strengthen the education provided to students and help lead them to the highest standards of achievement.


    2017-18 Team Members

    Ali Abdulmateen, Principal
    Vickie Buckley, Teacher/RTA
    Michael Burton, Teacher/RTA
    Nicole Gardio, Teacher/RTA
    Rachel Hildreth, Teacher/RTA
    Heidi JacNorthwood, Teacher/RTA
    Kirstin Pryor, ASAR
    Karen Steele-Avery, Teacher/RTA
    Carmen Betancourt, RAP
    Cherri Hawkins, BENTE  
    Latoya Quinn, Parent
    Zelda Reed, Parent
    Altina Jenkins, Parent
    Anna Colon, Parent