In the HOLA Dual Language Program students are taught in both Spanish and English. The goal of this program is to create opportunities for students to learn a second language through acquisition rather than language learning.  In other words, children learn content through both languages with many non-verbal cues and a hands-on learning environment to help children focus on content while learning the language.


    In the early grades students focus on fully developing their native language arts while being exposed to Spanish instruction three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for all content areas (Math, Social Studies and Science).  On Tuesday and Thursday this content area instruction is completed in English.  In the middle grades, grades 2-3, students learn language arts in both languages and continue the content areas in both languages.  After Grade 3, students are expected to be able to function more fluently in both languages, receiving language arts in both languages weekly and continuing with the language of the day for all other content areas.

    The HOLA teachers are: Henry Padron (K), Melissa Quintana (K)Ann Matela(1st), Maria Castaneda (1st),  Wendy Olmo-Castillo (2nd), Leah Nickoloff (2nd), Kristina Telles (3rd), Mayra Ortiz (3rd), Meagan Hennessy (4th ) , Michelle Francisco (4th) Megan Cooley and Tucker Ruderman(5th), and Maritza Shuman(6th).