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    Children are fascinated with building and taking things apart to see how they work, they engineer informally all the time!

    By encouraging these explorations in elementary school, we can keep these interests alive.

    Describing their activities as "engineering" when they are engaged in the natural design process can help children develop positive associations with engineering, and increase their desire to pursue
    such activities in the future.
    In real life, engineers often work on just one or two steps and then pass along their work to another teams developing a stronger purpose for collaboration.
    The Engineering Design Process
    The Engineering Design Process is a series of steps that engineers follow to come up with a solution to a problem. 
    The Engineering Design Process is cyclical and can begin at any step, or move back and forth between steps numerous times. 
    Intermediate/Upper School Level EDP 


     Primary School Level EDP
    primary edp  

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    Engineering projects...
    integrate other disciplines.

     engage students in hands-on, real-world engineering


    integrate math and science and other content areas.

    motivate students to learn math and science concepts by illustrating relevant applications.