Roberts Wesleyan College

  • Roberts Wesleyan Adopt A School Science Program 

    Providing Science Learning Experiences for 

    Nathaniel Rochester Community School 3rd and 4th graders


    Once a month, Roberts Wesleyan College science students and faculty gather at Nathaniel Rochester Community School to foster enthusiasm for science by mentoring third and fourth grade students with hands-on science learning experiences developed through the NYS Science Core Curriculum.

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    The Roberts Wesleyan Science  program has joined the NRCS STEM Team and staff as partners in the transformation of NRCS to a STEM Magnet School. Through hands on learning and increased enthusiasm for science, the students at NRCS gain knowledge of science concepts and apply them to the NYS science tests.

    One week each month, three RWC faculty members and 15-20 students visit NRCS with the purpose of teaching science lessons. The lead professor shares a short lesson, the class breaks into groups, and each RWC student continues to teach the lesson to the students through hands-on learning, peer discussion, and completion of worksheets in a small adult to student ratio. Each lesson taught consists of a specific topic that will be covered on the New York State 4th Grade Science Test.

    In addition to monthly meetings, NRCS 4th grade students are provided with the opportunity to visit the RWC Campus Visit. During the day of the visit, each hour spent on campus covers a different area of interest. Students participate in chemistry and biology labs, art projects, nursing demonstrations, and P.E. activities, all while touring the campus. The RWC Campus visit further establishes the bond between NRCS students and RWC, increasing enthusiasm for science and higher education.