• Mrs. Pellegrino   Reading Teacher: Room 210 – Phone: 288-8008   Ext. 2100
    Mary     Mrs. Pellegrino

    All About Me


    I have been a teacher since September 2000.


    I teach K-3 Reading.

    My favorite school subject is English Language Arts [ELA].


    My favorite school special subject is Music.


    My favorite snack is popcorn.


    My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.


    My favorite restaurant is Aladdin’s.

    My favorite store is Barnes and Noble.


    My favorite color is pink.


    The radio station I listen to the most is 98.9.


    When I have free time I like to read and play outside with my family.


    My favorite place to go is the park.


    My favorite sports team is the Sabres.


    A favorite book of mine is The Pout Pout Fish.


    My favorite movie genre is comedy.


    My family is my husband and 4 children.


    My heroes are my parents.