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    Nathaniel Rochester Community School
    STEM Magnet Program
    Nathaniel Rochester Community School (NRCS), a school in transformation, is supported through a School Improvement Grant (SIG) from NYS ED.
    Through our NYS School Improvement Grant, Nathaniel Rochester Community School is working to...

          Provide a K-8 articulation of STEM enhanced curriculum to support college & career readiness

          Integrate career pathway exploration in the STEM and Information Technology career clusters for grades 6-8.

          Supplement CCLS Modules with hands-on inquiry materials and enhanced thematic classroom resources.
          Integrate community partnerships to support STEM/IT focus.

          Offer engaging enrichment, with a strong focus on STEM/IT, for a minimum of 90 minutes for all students to strengthen and extend core learning.

    STEM is.... 
    The study of the natural world
    The Study of why and how things happen
    Study of the man made world
    Product made by humans to meet a want or need. A chair is technology and so is a shoe. 
    Any product created to solve a problem can be regarded as technology
    How Something is made
    How something works
    Utilizing materials and forces of nature for the benefit of mankind
    The design process students use to solve problems
    The science of patterns and relationships
    The language of numbers, shapes and quantities
    The language for teaching science and engineering

    At NRCS, our Staff focuses on STEM as an approach to teaching and learning that integrates the content and skills of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 
    STEM encourages...
    • Integration...learning that blends STEM with ELA, Social Studies, Art, Music, and Physical Education
    • Student engagement for all students through hands-on learning
    • Real World Connections
    • Reading and writing to learn more about the STEM topic.

    Magnet School Goals
  • Increase student achievement in Science, Math, ELA and Social Studies
  • Promote literacy through non-fiction text, writing and language through real life experiences
  • Increase student attendance at NRCS
  • Increase student interest in and enthusiasm for STEM-related topics and careers
  • Prepare students to study STEM fields in high school and college and pursue STEM related careers