Panther�s ROAR at School 4





On Task



Bus Arrival & Dismissal

         Listen to adult directions

         Greet driver and adults

         Wait outside until the bell rings

         Walk directly to your door, or bus

         Stay in your seat

         Buckle up

         Level 1 voice

         Follow bus rules


         Make sure all personal/school items are in book bag

         Be ready for departure

         Use respectful language

         Keep hands and feet to yourself

         Walk in a line

         Keep all items in book bag

         Stay on sidewalk

         Get to your destination on time



         Listen to adults

         Ask to get up

         Say please and thank you

         Respect the environment

         Have money ready

         Single file line

         Stay seated

         Place trash in trash can

         Enjoy your OWN food

         Level 2 voice

         Clean up your own area

         Stay seated until your class is called

         Use utensils appropriately

         Wait in line

         Keep your hands to yourself

         Raise your hand for help


         Listen and follow adult directions

         Raise your hand to talk

         Help others

         One person speaks at a time

         Arrive on time

         Complete assignments

         Clean and organized workplace

         Have supplies ready

         Complete homework

         Participate in discussions

         Follow rituals and routines

         Try your best

         Cooperate and work well with others

         Ask permission to leave the room

         Solve problems peacefully

         Level 1 voice


         Keep hands and feet to yourself

         Level 0 voice

         Keep hallway clean

         Go directly to destination

         Face the front of the line

         Keep to the right

         Walk in a single file line

         Walk down 1 step at a time

         Hold onto railing

         Take direct route to destination

         Carry a hall pass

         Eyes front

         Look with eyes instead of hands

         Right hand on stair railing


         Keep hands and feet to yourself

         Use bathroom appropriately

         Use equipment properly


         Be quick

         Keep bathroom clean

         Turn water off

         Use one squirt of soap

         Wash, lather, and rinse

         Rub hands & count to 10 when using dryer


         Place trash in trash can

         Keep water in the sink

         Wait patiently