• 2016-2017 Parent Representatives

    The Rochester Board of Education is a seven-member board elected by the citizens of Rochester to direct and oversee the operations of the school district. Among the duties of the members of the Board of Education is to serve on Board Committees:  Audit, Community & Intergovernmental Relations,  Excellence in Student Achievement, Finance & Resource Allocation, and Policy Development & Review.  
    The Board recognizes the vital role that parents play in the success of our students, and has chosen to have a Parent Representative on each of its committees. As an advisory member of a Board committee, each Parent Representative is able to provide the perspective of parents and to have input in discussions affecting District policies, finances, and programs.  Parent Representatives are selected by committee members for a one-year term, beginning on July 1st and ending on June 30th of the following year.
    The following parents and legal guardians of students currently attending the Rochester City School District have been selected to serve as Parent Representatives for 2016-17: 
    Mr. Felix Jacobs
    Community & Intergovernmental Relations (CIGR) Committee


    Mr. Felix Jacobs brings extensive community-based experience in serving as the Parent Representative to the Community and Intergovernmental Relations Committee.  He also has a longstanding commitment to serving the Board, having lent his financial expertise as a former Parent Representative to the Finance Committee.

    Mr. Jacobs has a child attending the Children’s School of Rochester  (School No. 15) and is  currently member of the school's PTO.


      Felix Jacobs





     Ms. Yvonne Clinkscales
    Community & Intergovernmental Relations (CIGR) Committee 
    Ms. Clinkscales has over 28 years of experience working with youth of all ages in the Rochester community.  She has worked with a variety of community agencies and schools in the District, applying her expertise in program planning and implementation to encourage collaboration among all stakeholders.
    Ms. Clinkscales has a son currently attending the Leadership Academy for Young Men. 
    Mr. Giancarlo Giannini

    Finance and Resource Allocation Committee

    Mr. Giannini will be lending his financial expertise and experience to the Finance Committee for another year as Parent Representative.  He has been involved in capital projects and operational budgeting with Bausch & Lomb, which he has used as a basis for analyzing the RCSD budget and financial transactions.
    Mr. Giannini has also served on the Superintendent Search Committee, and as an active member of the RCSD Parent Council.  He has two children enrolled in District schools.
     Giancarlo Giannini

    Ms. Toyin Anderson
    Excellence in Student Achievement Committee
    Ms. Anderson is a graduate of the African American Leadership Development Program (AALDP) and the Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI).  She has served as a representative on the Policy Council of Action for a Better Community, and as the Center-level President for three years when her children attended Head Start. 

    Ms. Anderson has three children:  her sons Te'Vanni and Ja'Zaree, and her daughter Ja'Yonna.  Ja'Zaree and Ja'Yonna both attend the Montessori Academy (School No. 53).

     Ms. Toyin Anderson