• Frequently Asked Questions
    What does the policy say?
    All students, including those with disabilities, must maintain a satisfactory level of attendance in each marking period in order to be eligible to receive a passing grade. Class participation may be considered a factor for students to obtain passing grades in grades kindergarten through 12. All students are expected to strive for 100% attendance*.
    *RCSD District policy states students are required to complete the school year in which they turn 17 yrs old.
    If I am absent from school, what should I do?
    When you are absent a parent or guardian should call your school office and send in a note to let them know. This includes any absences due to illness, doctor's appointments, etc. When you return to school, meet with your teachers and make up any work you have missed.
    What if there is no way I can avoid an absence?
    An absence will not be counted against the minimum requirement if you make up all missed work within 10 school days after returning to school, and if that work is of an acceptable quality. It is your responsibility to contact your teachers regarding missed work.
    How will I know if I am failing because of attendance?

    You as the student should stay in contact with your teachers and school administrators. The school will also be there as your support.

    If you have any questions about this policy, please connect with your parent Liaison.