Student Success Begins with Attendance

    The Rochester City School District is committed to increasing our scholars' academic performance through student attendance. It is our mission and goal to establish a clear collaboration and communication between RCSD departments, families, and the community by implementing strategies for improving student attendance.

    RCSD will focus on maximizing student attendance by clarifying the responsibilities of staff, students, families, and the community by identifying appropriate resources, ensuring that students are successful academically, economically, and socially. The expectation is that all schools will continually strive toward 100% attendance.

    We acknowledge that parents and guardians have the primary responsibility for ensuring that students arrive to school daily and on time, are obligated to inform the school that their child will be absent or is absent from school or classes, and are responsible for encouraging students to stay in school.

    In the event a student is absent, the parent is to provide a written excuse within five days of the absence. Parents should call the school when their child is going to be absent and follow-up with written notification to the school.


    Attendance Initiative


    Students learn best when they attend school daily. Improving student attendance is a concern for every family and every member of the school community. Together, the family and school provide students with the support they need to attend and be successful in school.  The District's Office of Student Attendance is located at the Board of Education-Central Office, 131 West Broad Street. Each zone in RCSD has an assigned Attendance Assistant whose job is to reach out to families who have students who are struggling to attend school regularly.

    Attendance staff support families by:

    • Serving as intermediaries between the student's family and school, making home visits, and maintaining personal contact to ensure progress is made.

    • Working with social service providers, making referrals in response to family needs.

    • Working with school wellness centers to provide in-school services and support.

    • Serving as a link between families and social services, empowering parents to make their own connections with service providers for long-term results.

    The Office of Student Attendance is responsible for working with schools to improve attendance and implement policies and procedures to promote the importance of students attending school.

     If you have any questions regarding the student attendance policy or have any general inquiries, please call or email the Attendance Department:  

    Attendance Hotline



    Betsy Hoffer
    Associate Director of Attendance