• Medication

              City School District regulations require that all medication be given only by doctor’s written order and dispensed from a pharmacy-labeled container.  Medication should be given in school only if times cannot be arranged for all doses to be given outside of school hours.  If medication cannot be given at home and your child must take medication in school, please follow this procedure:


    1.                  Have your doctor write orders for the school to dispense medication, giving the following information:  diagnosis, name of drug to be given, dosage, any side effects of which the staff should be aware and the lengths of time for which the mediation is to be given.


    2.                  Sign the schools written parental permission form.


    3.                  Bring the medication to the Health Office in a pharmacy-labeled bottle.  Medication must be left in school.  It cannot be taken home every day.


    Medication – Children may never carry medication to take at school.