• Homework

    It is expected that students will get homework every day including over weekends and school holidays.  The amount of homework given over a weekend or holiday should be roughly equal to a single day’s homework during the week.  (Students would not be expected to do many days of homework over a vacation).  The table below gives guidelines for the average amount of homework that most students will be doing each day.  Variability is to be expected from day to day and from student to student.  Special assignments such as long-term projects and book reports may result in more homework for limited periods of time.



    Reading Homework

    Other Homework


    20 minutes

    10 – 15 minutes

    1 – 2

    30 minutes

    15 – 30 minutes


    30 minutes

    20 – 40 minutes

    4 – 6

    30 minutes

    30 – 45 minutes


    30 minutes

    1 –  1 1 /2 hours


    Homework Hotline

                Students who need assistance with homework are invited to call Dial-A-Teacher for assistance.  You should call 262-5000 from
    4:00 – 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday to get assistance with homework.  There is no charge for this call.