Common Questions about the School of Choice Process

  • When will I be notified?
    You will be notified of your Kindergarten, 7th, or 9th-grade placement in May. High school students accepted by application schools can choose admission to that school or enroll in their lottery placement school.
    Does my child qualify for immediate placement for Kindergarten?
    There are two ways your child can qualify for immediate placement in a school you want for Kindergarten.
    • You live within a half-mile of your neighborhood school.
    • You have a sibling attending a school in your zone.
    Even if your child qualifies for immediate Kindergarten placement, you must apply by February 17, 2023, to be assured an immediate placement seat. If your child regularly attends a District Pre-K program, the lottery is designed to give you preference at that school. The school must be in your zone and selected as your first choice.   
    Does every student in 8th grade need to choose a new school for 9th grade?
    If your 8th-grade student attends a school that offers 9th grade and does not want to change schools, you do not need to complete an application. Your child will automatically be enrolled at their current school. If your 8th-grade student wants or needs a new school, you have a wide range of choices. Your child is eligible to attend any RCSD school that offers 9th grade, but you must complete an application to participate in the School Choice Lottery on or before February 17, 2023.
    What happens if I do not participate in the School Choice Lottery or miss the deadline?
    Students who do not participate in the School Choice Lottery by the deadline can be registered at the Office of Student Equity & Placement. Students will be placed in a school closest to your home where space is available after the selection process is complete.
    What happens if my selected schools close before the 2023-24 school year?
    Occasionally, the District or the State decides that a school does not have the academic performance to remain open. Sometimes the facility is no longer adequate to meet the academic standards of the cutting-edge technology expected to be delivered to today’s students.
    • If the lottery process has not begun, you will be asked to resubmit your school choices.
    • If the lottery process is already in motion, that school will be removed from your selection, and your other rankings will move forward in order. In other words, if your first choice school closes, your second choice school becomes your first choice.

    What if we speak another language other than English at home?
    Parents of children who speak a language other than English can arrange for a language assessment for their child by calling 585-262-8225. The assessment will help determine the best placement for the student in an academic program. Parents who are in need of assistance or speak a home language other than English can also visit the Office of Student Equity and Placement for assistance with completing an online registration.