Rochester Early College International High School

Rochester Early College International High School

School Information

  • Rochester Early College International High School is a Secondary School.

What Every Family Should Know

  • Rochester Early College is the only high school in the Rochester City School District that offers the Early College model. Our school provides an opportunity for our scholars to not only earn a high school diploma but also earn an Associate Degree in four years. Scholars who want to get a head start on a two-year or four-year college degree should consider Rochester Early College International High School. The school has a close partnership with Monroe Community College and provides a small school environment. Scholars who seek the personal attention of a smaller setting with college course offerings will find success at Rochester Early College International High School. Scholars who are highly motivated, college bound, and have strong work ethics are welcome to apply.

Program Features

  • Uniforms: No
    Busing: RTS
    Foreign Languages: Spanish, Mandarin Chinese
    Honors Classes: Yes
    Tutoring/After School: Yes
    Summer Programs: Yes
    Advanced Placement (AP): No
    English Language Learners: Yes
    Health/Wellness Center: No
    Extended/Expanded Day: No
    Business/College/Faith Partnerships: St. John Fisher College, Monroe Community College, Hillside Work Scholarship, University of Rochester Upward Bound, Army JROTC, AmeriCorps, RIT Gear Up, Center for Youth
    Student-Parent School Compact Agreement required: Yes

Unique Features

    • Scholars are expected to complete at least 24 college credits while still in high school. In addition to the advanced college work, all content areas promote globally competent scholars.
    • Dual credit courses and college credits begin at grade 9. Areas of dual credit include: Art, Health, Microsoft Office, Personal Money Management, English, and Introduction to Business.
    • College courses for grades 11 and 12 are offered at Monroe Community College.
    • Each scholar is expected to take a full course load all four years either at the high school or college. Behavior disruptions will not be tolerated in the school environment. Only serious scholars who are willing to complete extensive homework and
      are committed to exemplify model behavior should apply.
    • Summer credit attainment opportunities for both high school and college are expected.
    • Diversity in all facets is celebrated and respected.
    • Scholars are expected to tackle rigrous academic challenges and embrace all individuals’ differences on a daily basis.
    • College graduation is an expectation for all.