Rochester International Academy

Rochester International Academy

School Information

What Every Family Should Know

  • The Rochester International Academy (RIA), is an award winning transitional program that has been featured by the United Nations. Established in 2011 for students who: recently arrived to the United State of America speaking a low-incidence language from all around the world speaking little to no English.  RIA has many distinctive program features and is intentionally designed because our student population is so unique and diverse which is recognized and celebrated each and every day. Students at RIA are learning English to be successful scholars to have full access to college and/or career opportunities.  #WeAreRIA #WeTeachTheWorld

Program Features

  • Uniforms Required:  Yes

    English Language Learners:  All students are English Language Learners

    Honors/Enrichment Classes: Yes

    Chorus: Yes

    Band/Orchestra: Yes

    Instrumental Music Lessons: Yes

    Sports:  Yes

    Saturday School: Yes

    Summer Programs: Yes

    Business/College/Faith Partnerships: Yes –Saints Place, Catholic Family Center, Center for Refugee Health, Nazareth College, Warner School at The University of Rochester, Commission for Jewish Muslim Understanding, Mt. Hope Family Services, Hillside Work Scholarship


Unique Features

  • The Rochester International Academy (RIA) is designed to facilitate the cultural and academic transition of newly arrived English Language Learners through rigorous language instruction and interdisciplinary learning in collaboration with families and community.

    Unique Instructional Elements:

    • ENL stand-alone & integrated classes
    • Simultaneous focus on language, content & social growth
    • Sheltered Instructional Observation Protocol (SIOP)
    • Benchmark RIGOR
    • Imagine Learning Language & Literacy
    • Use of L1 as instructional tool with L1 support in classes
    • Weekly cultural acclimation lessons’
    • Continuous assessment for flexible student placement
    • Goal for all RIA students is graduation

    Student Support Elements:

    • Targeted staff development to support academic, social, cultural and emotional growth
    • Emphasis on a trauma free and trauma informed family environment
    • Early Intervention Team trained on issue of refugee & immigrant trauma that monitors social, emotional & academic progress
    • Family-School conferences and events with communication in L1
    • Home visits & continuous communications with families for support and assistance.
    • Partnerships with a variety of community organizations that assist families new to the United States

    Community Support:

    • Our RIA Advisory Board members are from many organizations in the community who assist RIA in achieving our Mission & Vision. Our board members are from Catholic Family Center, Department of Human Services, Saints Place, Warner School at the University of Rochester, Nazareth College, Center for Refugee Health, Rochester Police Department, Senator Gellibrand’s office, Mt. Hope Family Services, along with retired educators and active community members that work with the Refugee community at large.