Andrew J Townsend School No. 39

Andrew J Townsend School No. 39

School Information

What Every Family Should Know

  • Andrew J Townson is a restorative school focused on positive relationships as our foundation for success. We embrace shared leadership among staff and scholars. We have a strong culture of collaboration and we value innovation and creativity. We work to ensure that we are culturally relevant and responsive in our practices. Staff, scholars and families work collaboratively to nurture a safe, positive school environment where everyone is empowered to have a voice and feel a sense of belonging. We are Empowered to Lead. Collaborate. Innovate.

Program Features

  • Uniforms Required No
    Foreign Languages No
    English Language Learners Yes
    Honors/Enrichment Classes Yes
    Early Literacy Program Yes
    Chorus Yes
    Band/Orchestra Yes
    Instrumental Music Lessons Yes
    Sports Yes
    Step Teams No
    Extended/Expanded Day No
    Saturday School No
    On-Site After-School Care No
    Summer Programs No
    Business/College/Faith Partnerships Center for Youth Services, ROC the Future, Church of Transfiguration, Rochester Community Foundation, Community Place, Black Women’s Leadership Forum, Pillars of Hope, Xerox-Junior Achievement, North Star Rites of Passage, RIT-Liberty Partnerships, Encompass, Flower City Soccer, Sister’s Keeper

Unique Features

    • School No. 39 grows leaders at every level using principles from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for staff and The Leader in Me for scholars. We privilege scholar’s voice and empower scholars to take ownership for their learning.

    • We are a restorative school that focuses on building and maintaining positive relationships as our foundation for success.

    • Scholars and staff begin each day with a morning meeting in the classroom.  We have a monthly school-wide Townson Family Gathering where we focus on building positive connections school-wide, highlight scholar’s talents, discuss progress towards school goals, and celebrate the school’s success.

    • We offer a well-balanced rigorous curriculum based on the Next Generation Learning Standards and culturally responsive teaching which includes a designation of being a Victorious Minds Academy. Victorious Minds Academy is a teaching philosophy based upon the Relationship Model of Educational Intervention designed by Joy DeGruy.

    • Whole school intervention and enrichment model where scholars receive targeted support based on their individual learning needs. We prioritize early literacy.

    • Emphasis on early childhood, with a three-year-old classroom and two four-year old classes that focus on enhancing social skills and early education to prepare scholars for kindergarten.