• Community Schools


  • 1. What is a Community School?
    A: A Community School is "a strategy for organizing the resources of the community around student success".  Community Schools focus on the child being at the center of our work, while being surrounded and supported by their families and community. Community Schools feature three connected support systems which are a strong core instructional program, expanded learning opportunities, and a full range of health, mental health, and social services that are fully accessible to the child and their family.


    2. Which schools in the Rochester City School District have been designated as "Community Schools"?
    A: There are currently 10 schools that have been designated as "Community Schools" in the RCSD.  They are Nathaniel Rochester Community School #3, Roberto Clemente School #8, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School #9, Enrico Fermi School #17, Abraham Lincoln School #22, Community School 106, Mary McLeod Bethune School #45, James Monroe High School, Northeast High School, and the East Upper/Lower Schools-EPO.


    3. When were Community Schools started in the United States?
    A: The strategy behind Community Schools started in the late 1800's in connection to the establishment of the first urban settlement houses.  They offered learning development opportunities, health and social services to immigrants in urban neighborhoods.  The Community Schools strategy has evolved over time into the model that we see used by agencies such as The Children's Aid Society, Beacons, Bridges to Success, etc...