Secondary School Selection 2022-23

  • Secondary School Selection

    If you are applying for school for the 2022-23 school year,
    the School Choice Lottery has ended.

    Students who do not participate in the School Choice Lottery will be placed in a school closest to your home where space is available after the selection process is complete. Please contact the Office of Student Equity and Placement for assistance.

What if I want my child to remain at their current School?

  • 7th and 9th grade applicants: If your 6th or 8th-grade student attends a school that offers 7th or 9th grade and does not want to change, you do not need to participate in the school choice process. Your child will automatically be enrolled at his or her current school.

Application Schools and Additional Requirements

  • Applying to School of the Arts (SOTA): Interested applicants must inquire directly with the school. Please contact the SOTA Audition Hotline at 324-3502 for application information.  If you are interested in School of the Arts, please apply directly to the school by January 15, 2022. Once your application is returned, the school will contact you with an audition/interview date and time. The process includes an application, interview and audition for consideration. For more information or to download an application packet, please visit the school's website.
    Applying to School Without Walls (SWW): If you are interested in School Without Walls, watch for a separate mailing explaining what you need to do to apply to this school. If you do not receive the mailing, please call the school to request the mailing and to schedule a visit and interview.
    Applying to Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School: Your child will need to write an original essay if Wilson is your first choice lottery school. In addition, you will also need to attend a virtual recruitment event to receive a Wilson High School Compact Agreement. Please call the school if you are interested in Wilson Magnet AND make Wilson your first choice on the online application. For more details, please visit the school's website.

School Choice Assistance

  • More information and assistance on the School Choice process and enrollment for children entering the Rochester City School District can be accomplished at the district’s Office of Student Placement and Equity, located at 131 W. Broad Street.| Directions

    Registration packets, applications, school compacts, and other documents are also available.
    Student Equity and Placement | (585) 262-8241
    Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

School Compacts

  • A school compact is a one- or two-page form that outlines each school’s expectations and requirements. Typical points addressed in compacts include adherence to the District’s Code of Conduct, academic expectations, special orientation or learning time requirement, and school policies, such as cell phone rules or dress code.

    While compacts are not legal requirements, students and parents are expected to understand and agree to the school’s expectations. The compact process encourages families to visit schools and meet with administrators before making their top choices. Families who have signed a school’s compact will get preferential placement in the lottery.

    Most schools expect families to visit the school and all schools expect parents and students to sign a compact agreement with the school. You will have a much better chance of attending your first choice school if you meet these expectations.