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    The Latino Studies and Supports initiative is a supplement driver for the development of improved rigorous and relevant learning experiences for students. The goal is to increase student interest, improve student engagement, and positively affect student achievement.

    The following are the beginning steps to meet this goal:

    • Expanding Latino Studies across Content-Curriculum by offering guidance, resources, and curriculum adaptations to primary and secondary teachers, and modeling ways to teach such content.
    • Develop a Culturally Responsive Teaching Committee that will ensure the quality and delivery of curriculum, projects, initiatives, and services primarily to Latino Studies/Literature classes and the incorporation of Latino Studies into different content areas at all grade levels.
    • Gather student, teacher, and parent feedback.
    • Assess & Identify resource materials and best practice models
    • Develop opportunities within the curriculum, such as project-based assessments that will foster self-identity, inquire into important questions like how Latinas/os have contributed to the greater understanding of world history.
    • Support in expanding the offering of Latino Studies and Latina/o Literature as electives at the High School level.
    • Increase opportunities for students to put into action what they have learned outside the classroom, such as conferences, lectures, forums, exhibits, dialogues, and research & development initiatives led by our department.

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