• Recruiting Now!
    The Parent Leadership Advisory Council will engage parents as partners/leaders at the District level to help mold an effective, responsive and responsible team with the goal of enhancing the educational quality of all of RCSD students.
  • The Mission of the Council is:
    • To interact effectively with all constituencies, the District staff, the Superintendent’s Office, and the Board of Education for the benefit of all of the city’s children.
    • To actively recruit parents and encourage their participation in the city’s educational system at all levels.
    • To support, at all levels, the involvement of parents in decision making related to the education of all of the city’s children.
    • To encourage parents to become actively engaged in the education of their children, as a primary responsibility, rather than as a delegated responsibility from the schools. As their first educator, parents are partners in their child’s education.
    • To represent all parents in the pursuit of obtaining a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.
    The Council's Role

    In all considerations, the city’s children will come first. There is no place for politics, regional or personal concerns in this forum. The Council is charged with considering all issues against the single question: What is best for the children?
    The Council
    • is responsible for sharing, promoting and communicating information to District parents. The meeting dates, monthly agenda and minutes of each Council meeting will be made public on the District website and shall be shared with the respective School Base Planning Teams to ensure effective communication in a timely manner.
    • presents concerns from School/Building level parent groups that include the SBPT, PTA, PTO and PTSA.
    • will consistently and effectively represent itself to the Board of Education, District staff and the Superintendent of Schools. 
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