• James Monroe High School  
    James Monroe High School
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    Principal: Sandra Chevalier-Blackman | Sandra.Chevalier-Blackman@rcsdk12.org
    Assistant PrincipalAnthony Bianchi | Anthony.Bianchi@rcsdk12.org
    Assistant PrincipalJason Muhammad | Jason.Muhammad@rcsdk12.org
    Assistant PrincipalMary Munoz | Mary.Munoz@rcsdk12.org
    Assistant PrincipalThomas Pappas | Thomas.Pappas@rcsdk12.org
    Assistant PrincipalBernadette Regan| Bernadette.Regan@rcsdk12.org
    Assistant PrincipalAnthony RodriquezAnthony.Rodriguez@RCSDK12.ORG
    Assistant PrincipalMeybhol Sapienza | Meybhol.Sapienza@rcsdk12.org
    Parent Contact: Sertzai Weld | sertzai.weld@rcsdk12.org

    Board Liaison: Beatriz LeBron | beatriz.lebron@rcsdk12.org

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    restorative practices  ELT
    Grade Level: 7-12
    Uniforms: No
    Busing: RTS
    Foreign Languages: Spanish
    Honors Classes: Yes, Monolingual and Bilingual
    Tutoring/After School: Yes
    Summer Programs: Yes
    Advanced Placement (AP): English, World History, U.S. History, Psychology, Spanish, Living Environment
    English Language Learners: Yes
    Health/Wellness Center: No
    Extended/Expanded Day: Yes
    Business/College/Faith Partnerships: Center for Youth, M.K. Gandhi Institute, RIT - Gear Up, University of Rochester Upward Bound, IBERO American Action League, SUNY Brockport, Hillside Work Scholarship, Monroe Community College, Next Level and Beyond
    Student-Parent School Compact Agreement required: No
    • The Red Jacket Help Zone Pilot Project provides effective social and emotional supports for students in grades 7 through 10. This, in turn, minimizes the loss of instructional time and provides the individualized academic and social support that students need.
    • Homebase session occurs daily and contributes to positive school culture. It promotes a safe school environment, supports character building, and teaches students restorative strategies that transfer to all areas of their lives. Homebase Advisors monitor attendance in their Period 1.

    • Honors Bilingual students are eligible for the New York State Seal of Biliteracy, which signifies a high level of proficiency in more than one language. In addition, it prepares students with 21st-century skills and provides those seeking college acceptance with an advantage during the application process.

    • Restorative approaches are used to address student conflict and resolve matters peacefully. Our student ambassadors have been recognized throughout the state for their work in this program.

    • Honors Program featuring acceleration in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Languages Other Than English (LOTE). Students have the potential to earn high school credits during 8th grade.

    • Dual enrollment courses with Monroe Community College include Spanish and Microsoft Office.

    • The Art department offers foundational, ceramics, and progressive technology courses.

    • Music department features a state award-winning Steel Drum Band, piano instruction, and guitar instruction.

    • Foreign Language department offers college-level courses and Spanish for Heritage Learners.

    • Social Studies department offers college-level classes including AP U.S. History and AP World History.

    • Established and welcoming Parent Resource Center that supports parents as partners in their child’s education.