Montessori Academy School No. 53
    Montessori Academy School No. 53
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    Principal: Dr. Kimberly Harris-Pappin | Kimberly.Harris-Pappin@rcsdk12.org
    Assistant PrincipalTimothy Graziano| Timothy.Graziano@rcsdk12.org
    Parent Contact: Anthony Padilla | Anthony.Padilla@rcsdk12.org
    Board Liaison: Amy Maloy | amy.maloy@rcsdk12.org
    School Chief: Sheela Webster | Sheelarani.Webster@rcsdk12.org
     School Improvement Plan  DASA Coordinator
    School Based Health Center
    Program Information
    Start Time: 7:30 a.m.
    Dismissal Time: 2:00 p.m.
    Grade Level: PreK-6
    Uniforms Required: Yes
    Foreign Languages: No
    English Language Learners: Yes
    Honors/Enrichment Classes: Yes
    Early Literacy Program: Yes
    Chorus: Yes
    Band/Orchestra: Yes
    Instrumental Music Lessons: Yes
    Sports: No
    Step Teams: No
    Extended/Expanded Day: No
    Saturday School: No
    On-Site After-School Care: No
    Summer Programs: No
    Business/College/Faith Partnerships: : The Community Place (after-school program included), Rochester Roots, Inc. (day and after-school program), Friends of Dr. Freddie Thomas, Inc.
    • Incorporates the Motto: “We Believe in the Child.”
    • Multi-age classrooms at three levels: Primary (ages 3, 4, 5); Lower Elementary (grades 1, 2); Middle Elementary (grades 3, 4); and Upper Elementary (grades 5, 6).
    • Integrates the philosophical perspective of Dr. Maria Montessori into the Prepared Learning Environment through the teaching of Grace and Courtesy, Peace, Practical Life Skills, Sensorial, and uses Montessori materials.
    • Children engage in the Next Generation Learning Standards and NYS curriculum guided by the Montessori curriculum.

    • Peer mentoring, role modeling, and long-term teacher-child relationships in multi-age classes.
    • Students develop a global understanding of the world and become skilled at problem-solving by working collaboratively with peers.
    • Considers child growth and development and children’s interests in its student-centered, individualized instructional approach.
    • Environment is designed to offer children opportunities to make positive choices and to enjoy academic success. Students are provided the materials, space, and time to build concentration, which promotes higher-level thinking skills.