Henry Lomb School No. 20  
    Henry Lomb School No. 20
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    Principal: D'Onnarae Johnson | Donnarae.Johnson@rcsdk12.org
    Assistant PrincipalCheryl Donatella | Cheryl.Donatella@rcsdk12.org
    Parent Contact: Valerie Medley | Valerie.Medley@RCSDK12.org
    Board Liaison: Natalie Sheppard | natalie.sheppard@rcsdk12.org
    School Chief: Carmine Peluso | Carmine.Peluso@rcsdk12.org

    School Improvement Plan  DASA Coordinator
    Program Information
    Start Time: 7:30 a.m.
    Dismissal Time: 2:00 p.m.
    Grade Level: PreK-6
    Uniforms Required: Yes
    Foreign Languages: No
    English Language Learners: Yes
    Honors/Enrichment Classes: No
    Early Literacy Program: No
    Chorus: Yes
    Band/Orchestra: Yes
    Instrumental Music Lessons: Yes
    Sports: Yes
    Step Teams: No
    Extended/Expanded Day: No
    Saturday School: No
    On-Site After-School Care: No
    Summer Programs: No
    Business/College/Faith Partnerships: Avenue D and Volunteers of America Child Care, David Gantt Center, Valley Manor Senior Living, Hope Church Volunteers, Xerox Science Consultant Program
    • Technology: the school features two large computer labs and a mini-lab housed in the library. Technology programs include Compass, NWEA and AMESWEB, several of which can be accessed at home.
    • Physical activity and healthy eating: School No. 20 supports healthy habits, which include daily exercise and eating healthy foods. The school partners with the “Fuel Up to Play 60” program, which is endorsed by the National Football League and American Dairy Association.
    • Playworks Program: Playworks is an Oakland-based national nonprofit organization that supports learning and physical health by providing safe and inclusive play to low-income students in urban schools.
    • Student participation in programs: Cheerleading, Safety Patrol, Valley Manor field trips, Swain Ski Club, Chess Club, Girl Scouts, Baking Club, Knitting and Sewing Club.