John James Audubon School No. 33  
    John James Audubon School No. 33
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    Principal: Mary Munoz | mary.munoz@rcsdk12.org
    Assistant Principal: Margaret Brazwell | Margaret.Brazwell@RCSDK12.ORG
    Assistant Principal: Thomas Pappas | thomas.pappas@rcsdk12.org
    Assistant Principal: Theodora Waters | Theodora.Waters@rcsdk12.org
    Parent Contact: Mary Peoples | Mary.Peoples@rcsdk12.org
    Board LiaisonWilla Powell | Willa.Powell@rcsdk12.org
    School Chief: Carmine Peluso | Carmine.Peluso@rcsdk12.org
    School Improvement Plan  DASA Coordinator
    This school is currently in Receivership status by the New York State Education Department. For more information about Receivership or to view the school’s improvement measures, please visit https://www.rcsdk12.org/receivership.
    Program Information
    Start Time: 7:30 a.m.
    Dismissal Time: 2:00 p.m.
    Grade Level: PreK-5
    Uniforms Required: Yes
    Foreign Languages: Spanish (Dual Language Program)
    English Language Learners: Yes
    Honors/Enrichment Classes: No
    Early Literacy Program: Yes
    Chorus: Yes
    Band/Orchestra: Yes
    Instrumental Music Lessons: Yes
    Sports: No
    Step Teams: Yes
    Extended/Expanded Day: Yes
    Saturday School: No
    On-Site After-School Care: Yes (Ryan Recreation Center)
    Summer Programs: Yes
    Business/College/Faith Partnerships:  Area colleges, Ryan Recreation Center, Sully Library, Foster Grandparent Program, Northeast Area Development (NEAD), Scribner Road School, Browncroft Church Volunteers, Books & Blankets Program, City of Rochester Bureau of Youth Services, area Rotary Clubs, School-Based Health Center through Rochester General Hospital
    • Strong instructional focus that prepares students to meet academic standards in reading, writing, computation, and problem solving
    • Smart Boards, computers, and internet access are available in all classrooms to support student learning.
    • School 33 offers a One-Way Dual Language Program for Spanish Speakers Learning English.
    • School-based health center through Rochester General Hospital available onsite to provide primary and wellness health care services to students.