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    Studio in Art

    Studio in Art is the comprehensive foundation course for further study in the Visual Arts. Students will explore art and learn foundation skills through a variety of media. Students will produce both 2-D and 3-D works of art and become familiar with the historical foundations of art and its impact on cultures. Students will continue to develop their ability to speak and write about art works using art content specific vocabulary.

    Transfer Goal

    Takes risks in order to learn and grow, along with using feedback to refine thinking or actions when creating/developing pieces of work.

    Photo 1

    Photography I is an introductory course designed for students to explore the basics of photography. Students will learn about the various parts of the camera as well as how to shoot, compose, format, and mount their own photos. Concepts from Studio in Art will be applied to photography as well as the historical foundations and place of the camera in society.


    Transfer Goal

    • Use foundational knowledge to develop a deeper understanding while communicating ideas visually to an audience.

    Photo 2

    Photography 2


    Prerequisite: Studio in Photography I

    In this intermediate level photography course students will further their exploration of photography. Concepts from Studio in art and Photography 1 will continued to be developed while focusing on intention and concepts of work.


    Transfer Goal

    • Use skills and knowledge gained to solve problems, think creatively and critically while creating works of art.


    Students are responsible for completing sketchbook assignments, class assignments, projects and self-reflections. Attendance is important, any missed classes or assignments are expected to be made up. Students are expected to contact me for the missing work/time.



    I will provide pencils and most supplies student may need in my class. Please make sure your scholar brings the following.

    • Dividers (optional)

    • Lined paper


    10% participation and notes

    20% Homework/in-class assignments

    30% Small projects

    40% Final projects


    • On time to class and prepared

    • Respect supplies and each other in the classroom

    • Always try your best!  J

    ~ Ms. Villane