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    Parents/Legal Guardians
    Please note that ParentCONNECTxp has been discontinued. Families can now access your children’s grades, assignments and other student-specific information through RCSDlink. If you wish to use a computer to access student data, you can also access RCSDlink via a computer >
    Each year, all District custodial parents and guardians will receive a letter mailed to your home address with a special password for RCSDlink. That password will give you access to your student’s information via the mobile app. If you did not receive a letter at home, please contact our RCSDlink helpdesk for access at 585-262-8568 or by emailing rcsdlink@rcsdk12.org. District high school students also have access to RCSDlink and received an email to their rcsd121.org Gmail account with their username and password.
    Parent Designees
    An approval is required from our legal department for non-parent/guardian accounts. Please note the school must have you listed as a contact prior to your request.
    Student Access
    Student do not need to request an account; student accounts are automatically created and login information is sent directly to student rcsd121.org gmail accounts. For instructions on how to access rcsd121.org gmail accounts, students can check with their classroom teacher or school librarian.
    About RCSDlink
    RCSDlink is designed to improve communication between school and home to support student achievement. Through this secure online system, you will be able to check your child’s academic progress at any time. RCSDlink includes homework assignments, grades, class scores, class and school attendance, and the ability to communicate with your child's teacher!
    RCSDlink gives you the latest news, school calendars, menus, school notifications, social media, contact information for teachers and staff, and more right to your mobile phone or tablet. Whether on the go, at work, or at home, you'll have the most up-to-date information about your child's progress at your fingertips.
    If you need more information, questions, or have feedback about
    RCSDlink, please contact us:
    585-262-8568 | RCSDlink@rcsdk12.org