• Ms. Kim Van Buskirk   

    Second Grade: Room 102 – Phone: 288-8008   Ext. 1020

      Me   Ms. Kim Sutherland, Grade 2

    Ms. Sutherland has been teaching since 1999. She has been teaching at School #46 for twelve years! She teaches second grade. Her favorite part of being a teacher is getting to know her student’s families.

    Ms. Sutherland lives in Scottsville, New York. She has three sons and a cat named Dusty. She is a soccer mom, so that means that each and every one of her sons plays soccer. She loves going to their games.

    When Ms. Sutherland is not teaching, she is usually walking or reading. She says that she loves going on a website called Pinterest.com. She goes on to find “ideas!”

    Other facts I found out about Ms. Sutherland:
    Favorite color: Pink
    Favorite snack: Nacho chips and Salsa
    Favorite season: Fall
    Favorite place to go: Home
    Favorite sport: Hockey (Sabres)
    Favorite book genre: Murder Mysteries

    Biography written by: Rosalie – Grade 6