•  Kindergarten
    Unit 1
    -Environmental Sounds
    -Segmenting Sentences
    -Writing Grip: Tripod Grip
    -Writing Strokes: Vertical Line, Horizontal Line, Circle, Diagonal Line
     First Grade
    Unit 1
    -Review short vowel sounds and consonant sounds
    -Blends and Digraphs
    -Tricky Words: a, I, no, so, of, is, all, some, from, word, are, were, have, one, once, to, do, two, who, the, said, says, was, when, where, why, what, which, here, there
     Second Grade
    Section I (Unit 1)
    -CVC words and CVC plurals
    -Blends and Digraphs
    -Words with -ed ending
    Tricky Words: all, are, be, by, could, do, down, from, go, have, he, here, how, I, me, my,  no, one, once, picture, said, says, she, should, so, some, there, they, their, to, two, was, we, were, what, when, where, which, who, why, word, would, you, your
    Not sure what some of these terms mean? Visit the Parent Resources page!