• What's happening???
    Morning Time
    In the morning after announcements, we build things.  We use Lego blocks or magnets to build, create, and learn about how things go together. 
    Magnets Legos
    We are working on sight words: saying them, recognizing them, and writing them.  
    We read everyday and we write everyday.  Students also listen to stories and respond to those stories. 
    In my math class we just finished up addition and subtraction and we are moving into multiplication.  Multiplication is repeated addition, so we are working on skip counting to help us multiply.  We use a lot of math manipulatives during class.
    Math Math Math
    Science/Social Studies
    In Social Studies our "big picture" is Our place in the World.  We are learning about communities, places in our communities, and jobs people have in communities.  In Science we are learning about plants and what plants need to grow (sun, soil, and water).  Next we will begin to learn about electricity!