My Philosophy of Education

    My classroom is a positive, diverse, compassionate, environment that is adaptive to my student learners. Collaboration is central in finding the best solutions to teach our children. I think it is important to be active in our community and equally important to teach the students the urgency of helping others in need. My students are knowledgeable about the curriculum taught and are not only actively learning about it, but are immersed in it as well.

    * I believe that all English Language Learners can achieve high standards when given the appropriate materials, a great learning environment, and a dedicated teacher. 

    *I believe it is essential to know and understand my students as individuals. I do this by engaging in conversation with each child and by creating assignments that require personal touches, inspire uniqueness and celebrate cultural diversity.

    *I believe that my students are always in transition and my job is to understand and guide them through these transitions.

    *I believe that one of my jobs as an educator is to increase the awareness of the world that exists around my young learners. I will do this by creating an environment in which social justice prevails. My students talk to each other and ask questions. I incorporate relatable culture into my lesson plans and encourage my students to take an active roll in our community.

    *I believe my students can gain knowledge and confidence by working both as individuals and as team members in a variety of group sizes.

    *I believe my students learn and experience by doing and therefore engage in hands-on activities in my classroom.

    *I believe my classroom must be a safe, approachable, energetic, space filled with resources for any learner so that every child will gain the knowledge set forth in front of them.

    I believe in the power of teaching and leading by example. I am caring and trust worthy, compassionate and knowledgeable, adaptable and diverse. I remain active in our community and I remain a teacher after the school day is over. I show my students that the information to so many things they find intriguing is as easy as finding the correct resource. My students understand that they are the ones in charge of where they want to go now, tomorrow, next month, next year and for the rest of their lives.