• What is ESOL?

                English as a Second Language is an important field designed to teach non-native English speakers the important language skills they will need in order to excel in American classrooms. Having studied Spanish for many years, I know the challenges and frustrations one faces when learning a new language. As an ESOL teacher, I strive to present material to my students in a number of different ways, including through pictures, skits, videos, and hands-on learning. I also believe that it is important for students to build on their native language, so I encourage students to work with classmates in their native language, to develop a deeper understanding of English language concepts.

                At RIA, my ESOL classes have students from all over the world, including Nepal, Thailand, Burma, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Congo, Uganda, and Yemen, so I strive to build a respectful and nurturing classroom environment. We all work together, encourage and teach each other, and most importantly, make sure that our learning is fun!  

                ESOL is an exciting field, becoming more important each day as the diversity of students in America is only growing. I am thrilled to have found this inspiring and exciting world of teaching English as a Second Language.

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