• Taking a virtual course may be a new experience, and it is different than a face to face class. Here are a few tips for success: 
    • Take notes as your progress through the course.  Use the study guides if you are taking an OCR course, and get a notebook/folder to keep your work organized.
    • It can be a good strategy to go back and annotate or highlight your own notes to study.
    • Ask for help.  You won't see your teacher everyday, but reach out for help through email, phone, or the 'communicate' button in your course.
    • Use your time at home or outside of class to work on notes, or things you can do independently, and use your time with your teacher to work on things that you need help with.
    You can access your course from any computer with internet access.  To make sure that you can also access your work, you may want to start using google drive.  Then your work is automatically saved, searchable, and won't get lost if you switch computers.  Your teacher can see and comment on your work, when you choose to share it. 
    • Every student has a district google account.  Your login is your 890#@rcsd121.org  Your password is the same password that you use to login to the computer.
    • To get started here are a few links about google drive:
    Tutorial for Google Drive (Getting Started)
    If you are sharing with me, make sure to share with 2007640@rcsd121.org