• Graduation Requirements

    Graduation requirements are defined by the State of New York (NYS).  Students must obtain 22 credits in predetermined classes and pass 5 State Regents Exams with a score of 65% or higher.  NYS requires the following credits as a minimum to graduate with a Regent’s diploma:

    Credit Requirements

    Regents Diploma

    Advanced Regents Diploma


     4 credits

    4 credits

    Social Studies

     4 credits

    4 credits


     3 credits

    3 credits


     3 credits

    3 credits

    Fine Arts

     1 credit

    1 credit


     .5 credit

    .5 credit

    Physical Education

     2 credits

    2 credits

    Foreign Language

    1 credit

    3 credits


     3.5 credits

    1.5 credits


    22 Credits

    22 Credits


    A total of 22 credits are required for both Diplomas in the areas referenced above. The Advanced Diploma encourages additional years of Math and Science and more Regents exams.

    Regents Exams: In addition to course credits, students must pass the English Comp exam, US History exam, Global II exam, one Regents Science exam, and one Regents Math exam.

    Advanced Diploma: also requires a passing score on the Geometry and Algebra II exams, an additional Science Regents exam, and the Spanish Checkpoint B exam. The passing standard for all exams is 65%.

    Please note:

    For those students planning to attend college, most colleges expect them to complete 4 years of Math and 3 years of Foreign Language in high school in addition to NYS minimum requirements.

    Listed below are the names of the basic courses and the exams that each student must take:


    English I

    Global I          

    Integrated Algebra

    Living Environment


    English II

    Global II


    Earth Science

    Spanish I

    English III    

    US History

    Algebra 2/Trig



    English IV    


    Pre Calc/Calc



    **Science Regents Exams:

    To qualify for a Science Regents exam the students must earn 1200 lab minutes and perform satisfactory in the course.


    Grade Promotion Requirements:

    Grade promotion is based on the number of credits earned and courses passed in a given year.

    To move from:       

    Credits earned:

    Courses below plus electives:

    9th to 10th                

    5 credits

    Eng. I, PE, Global I, and Science

    10th to 11th             

    11 credits

    Eng. II, Global II, Math, Science, and 2nd PE

    11th to 12th             

    16 credits

    Eng. III, US History, 2nd Math, Science, and 3rd PE