• Setting up a weekly Student Progress Report

      Do you have your Compass reports set up? Did you know that you only have to set them up once and you can receive a student progress report weekly or monthly?

      This is one of the best ways to look at your students’ progress, use data to inform your instruction, and maybe even use for a weekly incentive!

       Set it up for the year.  It will be emailed to you weekly. 

      Report Video and Steps below:


      Scheduling a weekly Student Progress Report to send via email

      1. Select My Students at top.

      2. On the left, click on My School > Classes.

      3. Check box next to your class.

      4. Under Run Report in the middle, choose Progress

          Reports > Student Progress. 

      5. Student Progress Report window opens, you will need to click sequentially through all the tabs.

         a. Details tab – change report name to “Student Progress Report – weekly,”  Date Range choose “Last Week”, Click Save.

         b. Click each tab (Curricula, Assignments, Students)  along the top and leave as is.

         c. Click > Schedule & Send along the top. To send reports to your email select: 

      •      Status “On”
      •      Run report “Every week,” check a day.
      •      Select Stop “6/28/2014” or another date.
      •      Attach check “PDF,” click Save

         You are done! You can close the report window.