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 All City High
Name: Kuc Majak
Phone: 458-2110
 East Lower & Upper
Name: Angel Alicea
Phone: 288-3130 x 1165
 Edison Career & Technology High School
Name: Mary Lovejoy or Cynthia Bermudez or Lisa Taylor
Phone: 324-9700
 Integrated Arts & Technology High School
Name: Marta Vargas
Phone: 324-3750 x 1417
 James Monroe High School
Name: Sertzai Weld
Phone: 232-1530
 Joseph C. Wilson Magnet
Name: Anthony Padilla
Phone: 328-3440 x1170
 Leadership Academy for Young Men
Name: Dianet Dorsey
Phone: 324-7760
 LyncX Academy
Name: Avery Blackman
Phone: 254-1240
 Northeast Sr. High & Northwest Jr. High
Name: Theresa Larkins
Phone: 324-9273
Name: Glenna M Smith
Phone: 254-4472
 Rochester Early College International
Name: Shelley Strothers
Phone: 324-9010 x3390
 School of the Arts
Name: Gloria Goodwine
Phone: 242-7682 x6026 and 774-6026
 School Without Walls
Name: Freda Miller
Phone: 546-6732 x 1011
 Vanguard Collegiate
Name: Nora Roman
Phone: 324-3760
 Wilson Foundation
Name: Pamela Francis
Phone: 463-4100 x4160
02  Clara Barton School
Name: Dwana E Harrell
Phone: 235-2820 x1080
03  Nathaniel Rochester
Name: Evana Harvey
Phone: 454-3525 x1270
04  George Mather Forbes
Name: Johnnita D Jackson
Phone: 235-7848 x 1090
05  John Williams
Name: Diane M Leone
Phone: 325-2255 x1160
07  Virgil I. Grissom
Name: Jacqueline Padula
Phone: 254-3110 x2470
08  Roberto Clemente
Name: Ella J Darrisaw
Phone: 262-8888 x1170
09  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Name: Juana Peguero
Phone: 325-7828 x1152
10  Dr. Walter Cooper Academy
Name: Freedia S Ogden
Phone: 324-2010
12  James P.B. Duffy School
Name: Susan Allen
Phone: 461-3280 x1133
15  The Children's School
Name: Ashwin Basnet
Phone: 262-8830 x 2115
16  John Walton Spencer
Name: Ernestine Brown
Phone: 235-1272 x3175
17  Enrico Fermi
Name: Yaritza Santiago or Stephanie Pitts
Phone: 436-2560
19  Dr. Charles T. Lunsford
Name: Alicia Bell
Phone: 328-7454
20  Henry Lomb
Name: Valerie D Medley
Phone: 325-2920 x2030
22  Abraham Lincoln
Name: Matthew McCrea
Phone: 467-7160 x1300
23  Francis Parker
Name: Patricia A McKinney
Phone: 473-5099 x1053
25  Nathaniel Hawthorne
Name: Magaly Montalvo
Phone: 288-3654 x 1020
28  Henry Hudson
Name: Carmen Torres
Phone: 482-4836 x1008
29  Adlai E. Stevenson
Name: Tiffany Bumphis
Phone: 328-8228 x1480
33  John James Audubon
Name: Mary E Peoples
Phone: 482-9290 x 1121
34  Dr. Louis A. Cerulli
Name: Wanda Vargas
Phone: 482-9290 x 329
35  Pinnacle
Name: Arlene Surita
Phone: 271-4583 x1061
39  Andrew Townson
Name: Yvetta A Nelson
Phone: 467-8816 x 105
42  Abelard Reynolds
Name: Joanna Killigrew
Phone: 663-4330 x2190
43  Theodore Roosevelt
Name: Lisa Alexander
Phone: 458-4200 x1115
44  Lincoln Park
Name: Ilka Fernandez
Phone: 328-5272 x3090
45  Mary McLeod Bethune
Name: Patricia J Engert
Phone: 325-6945 x 1330
46  Charles Carroll
Name: Charlie B Mccloud
Phone: 288-8008 x1004
50  Helen Barrett Montgomery
Name: Jewell Brown
Phone: 266-0331 x5
52  Frank Fowler Dow
Name: Janice T Wideman
Phone: 482-9614 x 2100
53  Montessori Academy
Name: Sherphine Dailey
Phone: 325-0935 x 1181
54  The Flower City
Name: Tylynn Presha
Phone: 254-2080 x 2110
57  Early Childhood
Name: Donita Cummings
Phone: 277-0190 x1130
58  World of Inquiry
Name: Shelly Boyd
Phone: 325-6170 x6