• Class Assignments

     Monday, November 3rd
    HW: Finish graphic organizer
    Tuesday, November 4th
    HW: Finish chapter 2 and organizer
    Wednesday, November 5th
    • Review chapter 2
    • Caesar Chavez Intro Activity
    HW: Read chapters 3 and 4/complete organizer
    Thursday, November 6th
    •  Review chapters 3 and 4
    • Caesar Chavez movie "Viva la Causa"
    HW: Read chapter 5 and complete organizer
    Friday, November 7th
    • Finish Caesar Chavez movie
    • Review chapter 5
    HW: Read chapter 6/7 and complete notes 
    Wednesday, November 12th
    • Review chapter 6/7
    • Who is Lyddie? Chart
    HW; Read chapter 8 and complete notes