• Class Assignments

    books 2
    Monday, November 3rd
    • Share out research from pictures
    • Read Aloud beginning of text
      • Write a gist/answer short answer ?
    HW: Finish reading to p. 6 and fill in Louie character traits chart
    Tuesday, November 4th
    • Review HW
    • Allusion discussion
    HW: Read p. 6-12 and complete hand out
    Wednesday, November 5th
    • Review HW
    • Eugenics Frayer Model
    • Double Entry Journal
      • What is a DE journal?  How do I complete one?
      • Go over example
    HW: Read p.13-18 and complete journal entry 
    Thursday, November 6th
    •  Review p. 13-18 and double entry journal
    • "War in the Pacific" Reading
    HW: Read p.19-27 and complete journal entry
    Friday, November 7th
    • Collect HW
    • "Farewell to Manzanar" reading and questions
    HW: Read p. 28-37 and complete notes 
    Wednesday, November 12th
    • Review assignments 1-4
    • Finish "Farewell to Manzanar" discussion
    • "Day of Infamy" Speech
    HW: Read pages 38-47 with double entry journal