• IT Intern Attends Taub Journalism Academy

    Posted by Melea Jones on 7/29/2014 9:00:00 AM
    Last week I attended the Taub Journalism Academy with five other students. We had Democrat and Chronicle journalist and RIT officials help guide us along the week. We met at Rochester Institute of Technology all week long from 9am-5pm in order to, learn the ways of a journalist.

    Throughout the first few days we had panels of journalist and RIT students that talked to us about their experiences. I personally was warned by a RIT student about military journalism. Tianna told me to have thick skin because it is male dominated. Both her and Daniel Davis felt that as a hopeful future military journalist I should know that it is challenging for a women to be respected in that field.

    The first day of the meeting we talked about social media and where people get their news from.&;We leaned about how important it is to know your surroundings and to always keep people updated on once going on.We also, went outside and practiced videoed each other with tight, wide, and medium, shots.

    The second day, we interviewed each other and typed an article, that was later published on the Democrat&Chronicle website. We each were paired up and asked each other question about ourselves in order to, type a profile about one another. The task was to interview&;another student and have a reliable resource that we could also interview for more information. 

    The third day,We made a twitter account for our Taub Academy and began communicating and following journalist. Around 2pm, we began to familiarize ourselves with the Azzurri Soccer Academies students and began to video record interviews.
    Later in the day, we went back to the meeting room and practice arranging our shots in imovie.
    The fourth day we learned about statistics and journalism rules. Then we went back to the gym to get any shots that we missed or needed for our video. Next we all rushed to finish our imovies or have them close to done for tomorrows deadline.

     On our last and final day we went to the Democrat and Chronicle building to type our articles for the 2:00 deadline. Went all finished our stories and had some of D&C editors look and revise some of our work. Our work was later published on the website and we went to graduation where our videos were watched. At graduation we received shirts and a bag full of cool things. The Taub Journalism Academy was a great experience and I loved participating in it.
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