• The Yodeling Goat Farm
    The farm animals: chickens, goats, and their protection (large Great Pyrenees-Maremma Sheepdog cross). 
    We grow a few vegetables, make our own maple syrup, and produce our own eggs and goat milk (cheese/yogurt, and goat milk soap!).
    4/17/2015  Hazel gave birth to 3 new baby goats today!  2 girl goats (Daisy and Violet) 1 boy (Thomas).  She was right on time, according to Susan's due date calculations. Short videos and a couple pictures:   Birth 1   birth 2
    4/3/2014 Our first babies at the farm have arrived!  The older brother (slightly smaller and lighter color) is Siegfried and the younger brother (bigger and darker color) is Tristan.  Both born to mom, Linda, who is two years old.  Check out the pictures:   Goat 1   Goat 2   Goat 3   Goat 4   Goat 5
    More pictures:   Goat 6   Goat 7
    4/7/2014   Hazel has had her babies: Hansel and Gretel arrived yesterday at 3 am!  A couple of pictures of all 4 kids together:   Goat 8      Goat 9