INTERVENTION SUPPORT
    Online Student Activities
    Students are placed automatically at the proper level based on their performance in the Placement Test and will work independently on developing their foundational reading skills in targeted activities based on individual needs.
    The program provides:
    • explicit
    • systematic
    • adaptive learning
    • scaffolding instruction
    Student on Core5   
    for students as they struggle and advance to higher levels and demonstrate proficiency.
    The program provides a level of scaffolding by removing some of the answer choices and stimuli on the screen.  After the student demonstrates proficiency in the skill at the scaffolded step, they have the opportunity to try the initial activity again and continue working through the program.
     Building Automaticity and Expanding Expressive Skills
    When a student successfully completes a skill in Lexia, the program provides:
    • Lexia Skill Builders (paper & pencil activities)
    • Real-time Reports
     Skill Builder
     Click here to download sample Skill Builder   
    When a student is struggling with a particular skill in Lexia, the program provides:
    • Lexia Lessons (Skill-specific Instructional Materials)
    • Real-time Reports to help identify students/small groups struggling on a particular skill
     Lexia Lesson   
     Click here to download sample Lexia Lesson  Lexia Lesson