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    Hello Parents, do you want your child to:

        Develop a habit of persistence that will help them through the tough times in life and keep them on task when it would be easier to quit.


       Learn to be more responsible and see that mistakes are an opportunity to grow andmake necessary corrections on the pathway to success.

        Master the skills of cooperation so they enjoy working with their counterparts in every realm of personal and professional life.

        Createa set of personal values that allow a prosperous and fulfilling life long journey, and find a way to express these understandings.


       Find a meaningful form of contribution that is significant to self and others.


    Learning to play andinstrument is a training ground for all of these attributes, and much more. We as band directors have grown up with this understanding.  We simply assume that every person is aware ofthe positive impact band has on every aspect of a young person's life. According to the latest research, most parents are not told of the many benefits band students acquire, such as improved self-image,personal discipline, ability to work with others, and much more. However, once this information is shared, parents will start to see these attributes developing in their young musicians.         

    ~Ms.Fiorino; Instrumental Music teacher