That's right!
    Each child has received a lesson book from the RCSD. The name of the book is "Sound Innovation."   The book is only on loan for the school year therefore it is important that it be treated as though it is library book.  One of the greatest things about this book is that EVERYTHING your child needs to know is in that book!  Really! The answers are all in the book! 
    What is the "FINGERING CHART?" 
    The fingering chart is a diagram of the instrument.  It shows how to play every note by blackening in the key where a finger is supposed to go.  The very first thing I teach my students is  how to read the fingering chart.  This way they will not be able to say that they don't know how to play a certain note in their assignment.  They do!  It is just a matter of searching for the answer!  How great is that?!
    Another great feacture of the lesson book is that all new material is always presented in a BLUE BOX at the top of page.  Therefore a child can always find the answer to anything they may have forgotten! (Even if it means going back a few pages to find what they're looking for.)
    Play along CD Each lesson book comes with a "play along" CD for all the music in the lesson book. This is just another  reinforcement to foster success for each child.