Compass NWEA Correlation

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    Compass Learning and NWEA have partnered to automate student personalized learning.
    1. Compass Learning imports test data from MAP.
    2. Compass Learning Paths are automatically created and assigned based on RIT range.
    3. Using their personalized paths, students complete Compass Learning activities, based on research about how children engage and learn, that are directly linked to their MAP-identified learning needs. Research has shown that student who completed 90-120 min a week, showed growth in MAP proficiency.  

    Compass is available to the follow students from school or home:

    • All K-6 students 
    • All K-8 students  
    • Grade 7 & 8 students at Monroe High School & Northwest High School 

    Odyssey activities aren’t confined to grade, so low performers, as well as accelerated learners, get the activities and instruction they need, regardless of grade level. 

    Odyssey’s management system tracks student performance.  Teachers and administrators can schedule weekly reports (i.e. student progress, usage) sent by email.  Students can track their own performance, too, which promotes individual accountability toward growth.

    Data can be aggregated to track the academic growth of a single student, a class, or an entire school over time. For each NWEA test, Compass Learning paths are adapted to reflect the new data.

    For more information:
    • The following class is available for teachers on Generation Ready: 

      Calibrate Your Compass! NWEA Learning Path Overview

    •  Please email Larisa Useda, or Jen Coon, Jennifer.Coon@RCSDK12.ORG.