• Spanish IB

    Teacher: Ms. Rodriguez                                                                                Text Book: Realidades A                           E-Mail Leticia.Rodriguez@RCSDK12.org                                            Room A435                                          Phone Number: 242-7682 Ext. 4350                                                   2017-2018

    ¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to Spanish!

    Course Description:

    This course is an introduction to Spanish.     The focus will be in the four basic forms of language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as, students’ understanding of the culture of the Spanish-Speaking world.

    Learning Objectives:  Greeting, introduction, express feeling, describe people and places, make comparisons, name household chores, express possessions, preferences, etc.

    Course Requirements:   you are responsible for taking notes and participating during class, reviewing new vocabulary regularly, doing homework, and studying for quizzes or tests. Extra help is offered to students after school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:35-3:30 in room A-435.

    Materials:  You will need a three ring binder, dividers, pen (black or blue) or pencil, red pen for corrections and head phone to use with the Chromebook

    Class ExpectationBe on time, be prepared, be engaged, Cell phones and all electronics are prohibited in the classroom.    To include but not limited to ear buds, headphones, IPODS.

    The dress code will be strictly enforced.  To include but not limited to hats, hoodies and bandanas, as well as what is prescribed by the school.  Please see the SOTA Handbook and posters     

    Disrespect/Disruption to the educational process is prohibited.  To include but not limited to:  bullying, profanity, food consumption and personal grooming.

    CONSEQUENCES:   To include but not limited to:

    • Verbal/non-verbal warning/contact log
    • Move the student’s seat
    • Parent contact
    • Lunch detention
    • After school detention
    • Conference with administrator

     NON-NEGOTIABLES – Immediate removal from classroom

             To include but not limited to fighting; both physical and verbal, vandalism, theft, chronic disruption, and suspicion of being under the influence of illegal substances. SEVERE CONSEQUENCES:  To be determined by administration



     10% Classroom participation *         50% Quizzes and Exams (at the end of each chapter)                     

    25% Class work                                                15% Homework (must be turned in the next day)


    *Students must be on time and observe Class Expectations to receive credit for classroom participation.

    Register for ParentConnect http://www.rcsdk12.org/197310111692647590/site/default.asp

    Dates for Parent conferences

    • September 19- Curriculum Night- 6:00-8:00
    • October 12- 5:00-7:00 PM
    • November 30- 5:00-7:00 PM
    • February 2- 12:30-2:30
    • March 8- 5:00-7:00 PM

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