No Bullying
     Bullying is quickly becoming a struggle in schools across the country.  As middle school students, children are exposed to hatred and harmful situations.  It is naive to think bullying does not happen in our school, as we know it happens everywhere.  
       These podcasts were designed by the students to share their stories about bullying.  Some of the content is hard to listen to, but the harsh reality is these instances occur and we must use them to learn and grow.  In no way are these podcasts intended to persecute the children, but were created to share real stories of the struggles and challenges our students face daily.
      Please listen with an open mind and open heart as our children reflect on some difficult situations and applaud these children for having the courage to be open and honest.
    Alianna's Story
    Asia's Story
    Ceyquan's Story
    Ciana's Story
    David's Story
    Deyonna's Story
    Hla Ku's Story
    Jaden's Story
    Katiushka's Story
    Kyle's Story
    Lisa's Story
    Lundon's Story
    Michael's Story
    Oumou's Story
    Sam's Story
    Yanaris's Story