• 7thGrade Social Studies 2016-2017

    Mrs. McLean   Phone# 324-9289 x3580


    Welcometo 7thgrade Social Studies! You are going to embark on a inquiry-based, rigorous study of American History that will provide you with the foundations that you need to successfully complete the Regents US history course. I look forward to the journey.



    1)Punctual: be in your assigned seat beginning the DAILY FOCUS when the class begins

    2)Prepared: bring your Social Studies materials to class everyday- folder, notebook, writing utensil

    3)Participate: in class discussions and activities

    4)Polite: always respect yourself, others, and your environment

    5)Proud: complete class work and homework to the best of your ability

    6)Present: you have to be here to be successful

    ** I also expect that all of the classroom rules be followed.



    Praise, Pride, Good grades, Lunch Bunch, Privileges, Jobs, PRIDE bucks



    1) Discreet non-verbal (the "look"; pause; proximity)/ or verbal warning

    2) Verbal request

    3) Writing assignment and/ or detention

    4) If a behavior continues after being reminded three times, any of the following may result- after school detention/ parent contact/ sent from room/ referral



    • Materials: folder, composition notebook (or spiral), pen/ pencil- EVERYDAY
    • Students will receive a textbook to use/keep at home. I have a class set for use in the classroom.



    • Every night you should review (study) that day’s activity and notes for at least 20 minutes, as well as complete any assigned work.  Anchor packets will be given to provide the students a foundation to build upon.
    • Homework is a way of reinforcing concepts that we learn in class. It may also prepare you for the following day’s activity. 
    • This means you should NEVER say/ think "I don’t have any homework tonight."



    Frequent quizzes and tests will be given to check for understanding. Quizzes may be announced and/ or unannounced. Tests will always be announced. If a student is absent on a test day they are expected to make up the test on the day of their return, either after school or at lunch. A make-up test will only be given if the student is legally absent. Projects will be given regularly.



    The final marking period grade will be an average of all class work, homework, tests/ quizzes/ projects, and class participation.

    Marking period grades are based on the following percentages:

                   - Daily Focus and Class work are worth 40%

                   - Homework is worth 10%

                   - Quizzes and Tests are worth 30%

                   - Class Participation/ Preparation is worth 20%

    EVERY assignment counts- YOU EARN YOUR GRADES- based on the amount and quality of work you do every day. If you do not understand something then you must ask for help. I am willing to take time to work with you during class, as time allows, during lunch, and after school. Stay up- to date with all of your grades by signing up forParent Connect, an on-line resource.



    Regular class attendance is expected. (Refer to school attendance policy.) Exams, quizzes, and homework often include questions on material presented in class. Performance on these activities indirectly reflects attendance. All appointments should be made for after school hours and you should only miss school if you are sick. Student must SEE ME to get missed assignments.



     Parents- please send me e-mail and I will add you to my contacts. (Please include your child’s first and last name.) This will be helpful to maintain contact with each other. I look forward to getting to know everyone and having a successful and productive year.  I will announce Open House and PTC dates as soon as they are available.

    THANK-YOU Mrs. McLean