• RECIHS Daily Grading Rubric

    Daily grades are based on the following student efforts:



    +10  Leadership                                                                                +5    Not Completely prepared

            Outstanding Skills                                                                             Very Little Effort

            Enthusiasm                                                                                        Poor behavior

            On Time

            Assists other students

            Completely prepared                                                             +4    Not Completely Prepared

            Good Sportsmanship                                                                     Disruptive

            Follows Directions                                                                         Not following Directions


            Works to ability                                                                        


    +9   Very good skills                                                                         +3    Not Completely Prepared

            Enthusiasm                                                                                       Disruptive, put out of activity

            On time                                                                                               

            Completely prepared

            Good Sportsmanship                                                             +2    Unprepared

            Follows Directions                                                                         Sits Quietly

            Helpful                                                                                           Completes Alternative Assignment

            Works to Ability


    +8    Good Skills                                                                                 +1   Unprepared

            Enthusiasm                                                                                       Sits Quietly

            On Time

            Completely Prepared

            Good Sportsmanship                                                                   0      Unprepared or Removed from Class

            Follows Directions

            Works to Ability


    +7    Fair Skills

            On time

            Completely prepared

            Follows directions some of the time

            Not much effort


    +6    Fair skills

            Not completely prepared

            Late to class

            Participates Very Little