• Book Trailers
    Task:  Select a book at your independent reading level. Read your book and identify story elements, character traits, rising actions and climax.  Use this information to create a book trailer that shows an understanding of these story elements, creates a mood, and creates interest in the book. 
    Common Core Standards:


    · Describe how a particular story’s plot unfolds as well as how characters respond or change as the plot moves toward resolution.

    Responding to Literature

    · Develop personal, cultural, textual, and thematic connections within and across genres as they respond to texts through written, digital, and oral presentations, employing a variety of media and genres.           


    NWEA Data Targeted Skills  to Develop or Introduce

    • Identifies characters in literary texts

    -Identifies a character's feelings in simple literary texts

    • Identifies internal conflicts in a literary text

    • Infers a character's identity

    • Draws conclusions based on supporting details in literary text

    • Identifies the setting in a literary passage

    • Describes the lesson learned in a literary text

    • Summarizes the plot of a story