• Marking Period 4
    Humanities Level II Summative Assessment Information

    Unit Question:                     How can I get more?                                        


    Significant Concept:           Powerful groups have and continue to use their strengths to take advantage of other groups. 



    Area of Interaction:           Human Ingenuity


    Texts/Resources:                American Journey    

                                                    Primary Sources and readings from various textbooks and historical sources


    Your Task:

    Using the westward expansion and imperialism articles you write for your humanities class, you will create a newsletter in your computer tech class.



    Imperial behavior for the United States dates back to the Louisiana Purchase, which "imperial acquisition – imperial in the sense of the aggressive encroachment of one people upon the territory of another, resulting in the subjugation of that people to alien rule." American policy began to steer away from its isolationist policy during the 19th century claiming manifest destiny. Anti-imperialists claim that the modern United States' drive to empire is "far removed from what the Founding Fathers had intended the young Republic to become."


    • Peers, Teachers and Community

    Final Copy:

    • Your newsletter must the requirements attached


    • See rubrics


    DUE DATES: March 14 (AC) or March 15 (BD)