• Course Description: Spanish I and II

    Teacher: Sr. Camps

    Textbook: “Prentice  Hall -  Realidades 2004”


     ¡Bienvenidos a nuestra clase de español!


    Welcome to our Spanish class! In this class we will focus on developing proficiency in the Spanish language and learning about Latin American culture. Students will be expected to participate in all classroom and homework activities. These activities will reinforce what is being taught. They will involve reading, writing, listening, and speaking in Spanish. All students are responsible for their own success in the class. Together we will create an orderly, safe, and stress-free environment where learning can take place.

    Basic Student Responsibilities

    ·         Keep track of your own books and assignments

    ·         Actively participate in each class

    ·         Ask for help when you need it

    ·         Do your own work

    ·         Turn your work in on time

    ·         Accept responsibility for grades and other consequences


    Your grade for each marking period will be based on the following components:

    ·         Homework -10%

    ·         Quizzes-10%

    ·         Classwork-20%

    ·         Participation-15%

    ·         Projects-20%

    ·         Tests-25%


    *For grading I will be using the school's system for reporting but will also be keeping my own system so I can report to you whenever you would like to know your grade. If you would like to see your grades please touch base with me near the end of class.*

    Extra Credit:

    Extra credit will not be offered.  There is ample opportunity throughout the year to do well in Spanish class.

    Homework Policy

    Homework is extremely important to your learning process, as it is a daily reinforcement of what was learned in class.

    ·         Homework must be turned in to me on the due date

    ·         Late homework will only be accepted for the following reasons: if you are absent the day the homework is assigned or due and have given me a valid excuse

    ·         Your homework grade will be based on the number of assignments you complete as a percentage of the total assigned.

    ·         If you do not do the homework repeatedly, we will discuss this and if nothing changes then your parent/guardian will be contacted.


    You come to our classroom to learn and we are here to help you succeed. In order to not allow anyone to distract you from learning we have some rules. In life we all have the choices to either follow or disobey rules. These decisions have either positive or negative consequences. If you choose to break a rule you will receive a negative consequence and if you choose to follow a rule there will be a positive consequence.


    ·         Respect others and yourself (no cursing, drilling or gossiping)

    ·         Be in your assigned seat working when the bell rings, and stay in it unless you have permission to do otherwise

    ·         Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.

    ·         Bring all specified materials to class

    ·         Keep the learning area free of distractions

    (This means NO use of electronic devices-mp3, iPods, CD players, videogames, cellphones, etc during instruction)


    Negative Consequences: 

    1. Verbal warning
    2. Second warning: Seat moved
    3. Third Warning: Lunch detention
    4. Contact Parent
    5. Referral: student sent to office

    Severe disruption: Student will be immediately sent to the office


    Positive Consequences:

    1. Praise / Prize
    2. Positive note home
    3. Positive call home
    4. Video party
    5. Field trip


    ·         After three late arrivals, I will notify parents and assign the student a writing assignment.

    Class Folder

    ·         You will be expected to keep a folder which will contain grammar rules and class notes like Spanish numbers, alphabet, etc.


    ·         Frequent quizzes will be given throughout the term and may be both announced and unannounced.

    ·         These will cover material that is being learned in the current chapter.

    ·         These will be a measure of how well you understood concepts taught in class and homework assignments.


    ·         There will be a test at the end of each chapter.

    ·         The test will vary in length, but none will last more than a class period.

    ·         Tests include the writing of a paragraph, which is designed to help you improve your writing skills and practice using the target vocabulary, and a listening comprehension section.

    ·         Chapter tests will be announced a few days in advance.

    ·         Missed tests or quizzes must be made up within one week of the student’s return to school.  If it is not made up within that time, it will become a “0” in my grade book.  If the student is aware of the test, but is absent the day before a test is given, he will be required to take the test with the rest of the class.

    Class work / Participation

    ·         All students are expected to complete activities during class.

    ·         Participation includes students speaking and actively contributing to class discussion and responding orally to questions.


    Through projects such as a cultural research essay, skits, and an original story book, you will come to understand more about the Spanish language and Latin American culture.

    ·         Your work will be graded on a group and individual level.

    ·         You will also be graded on personal projects (including but not limited to) writing short stories, keeping a portfolio and presenting a research project to the class.

    ·         All projects will be accepted late but you will lose 2% points for each day the assignment is late.

    Academic Honesty

    ·         All students are expected to do their own work

    ·         Cheating on homework, quizzes, projects, class work and tests is unacceptable

    ·         The use of Google translation in your sentence writing and claiming it as your work is considered fraud and will result in a zero

    ·         Destroying, altering or tampering with someone else's work will not be tolerated

    Required Materials

    You will be required to bring the following materials to each class:

    ·         a composition notebook

    ·         a pocket folder with 3 prongs

    ·         pen and pencils

    ·         a highlighter

    ·         a Spanish/English dictionary

    ·         250-300 index cards, and

    ·         a box of tissue



    ·     Each student should have a composition notebook. Notebooks should be complete, neat, and organized, including all class handouts. Bellwork, vocabulary words, and class notes are to be done in different sections of the notebook.

    ·     Your notebook is to be used only for Spanish class.  Notebooks may be spot-checked and assigned a test grade, and if there are notes from any other class in your notebook, you will lose points. Also, loose papers do not constitute a notebook.


    * If it is important enough for me to write down, then it is important enough for you to write down.


    Helpful Hints for Success

    Practice speaking Spanish with a classmate

    Write down new vocabulary words in your notebook

    Watch TV programs in Spanish or listen to Latin music

    Ask questions!!!! Your teacher is always available if you need help.